Commander-World's Destructive Domination

Raising their fist under the banner "Death Metal Munich", COMMANDER unleash their debut album upon the extreme Metal scene. Provided with an impressive, powerful sound, they pulsate between Death and Thrash Metal. What makes me so excited about this album are the skills of the involved musicians, regarding both the ability to write good songs and the technical capacity to perform these songs in an outstanding way. Be it slow or fast, each song is in-depth composed to avoid any monotony. Excessive Thrash Metal riffing pooled with Swedish Death Metal melodies or slow Death Metal combined with Thrash Metal mosh-parts. No need to point any bands as reference, it is just enjoyable listening to such well-composed songs. COMMANDER are active since five years and they have been constantly playing live and clearly benefit from this experience. Nowadays new bands often release their debut a few months after foundation and the result is very often a mediocre album. But COMMANDER have chosen the hard way and the result entitles the band to one of the most promising German Death / Thrash metal acts.